Range Rules


  • Always treat a firearm as if it is loaded.
  • Always keep your finger off the trigger and out of the trigger guard until ready to fire.
  • Always keep firearms unloaded until ready to use.
  • Always keep muzzle pointed down range.
  • Always make sure that firearms are in safe operating condition before use.
  • Never point the gun at anything you don’t intend to destroy.
  • Never use alcohol or any kind of drugs before or while shooting.


  • Obey all commands and instructions from the Range Safety Officer (RSO).
  • Approved eye and ear protection is required at all times on the range.
  • All firearms must arrive and leave the range in a case or holster. No uncased or unholstered firearms may leave the bay and all guns must be cased or holstered when not in the shooting bay.
  • Only one gun uncased or unholstered at any time. If two or three people are sharing a bay, only one shooter at the bench at a time. Pass gun by making sure the weapon is unloaded and cleared, and then by placing it on shooting bench. Do not hand firearm to the other person.
  • No loading or unloading of firearms except on bench in shooting bay.
  • Guns must be pointed down range at all times, regardless whether loaded or unloaded, actions open or closed
  • Line of sight shooting only. No drawing from hip or holster. No trick shooting.
  • Use range approved paper targets only.
  • Rapid fire is permitted at the discretion of the RSO.  
  • Do not shoot at anything other than targets. Anyone that damages target frames, pulleys, lights etc. will be assessed a $50 fee and asked to leave the range.
  • If a misfire or malfunction occurs, keep the firearm pointed downrange and signal the Range Safety Officer for assistance. DO NOT leave the firing line with a loaded or jammed firearm.
  • Upon the command “CEASE FIRE”, stop all shooting immediately, place your firearm on the bench and back away from the firing line.  Do NOT re-approach the firing line or pick up your firearm until the “ALL CLEAR” signal is given.
  • No retrieval of spent cartridges.
  • No retrieval of anything dropped across the firing line bench.
  • No eating, drinking or smoking on the firing line.
  • You must be 21 years old to shoot a handgun & 18 years old to shoot a long gun without being accompanied by parent or legal guardian.  For information on additional age restrictions, consult the Range Safety Officer.
  • Minors under 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times on the range and in the store.
  • Range Safety Officer has the right to eject or refuse anyone access to the range. Failure to follow basic gun safety and the range rules will result in immediate expulsion and suspension of membership.
  • All ammunition must be factory new in the original box. NO RELOADS.  NO PRELOADED MAGAZINES.
  • All ammunition is subject to inspection and approval. You must use approved ammunition ONLY.  No tracers, steel core, or armor penetrating ammunition.  .50 BMG and larger ammunition is NOT permitted.  
  • All shotguns must have a full shoulder stock.  Shotgun shells in the Private bays are limited to 2 3/4” buckshot and slug only, no birdshot or 3” buckshot.
  • Shotgun shells in the trap area must be 7 ½ or smaller size shot.
  • Instruction by Sunset Hill Shooting Range Staff ONLY.
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