Bachelor / Bachelorette Parties

Skip the boring Bachelor / Bachelorette Party ideas! Our VIP experience packages will make your bachelor or bachelorette party epic!

  • Make it an adrenaline-pumping event at Sunset Hill Shooting Range! Your adventure begins when you meet your group’s personal high-energy Instructors who will guide and entertain you. Their number one priority is your safety but following closely behind is FUN.
  • In our dedicated, semi-private bays, you’ll have access to legends like the Thompson M1 Submachine Gun, full auto AK-47, full auto M4, and the 50 caliber Desert Eagle, to name a few. Our special selection of firearms will blow you away! And no day at the range would be complete without shooting our BIG GUNS – the 50-caliber sniper rifle or 37mm grenade launcher!

Bachelor / Bachelorette Party packages start at $119 per person.

We can also create a custom package for you and your party, based on your preferences and budget. For more information, email our Bridal Party specialist at or call us at 570 629 3981 ext 1009.

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