We at Sunset Hill Shooting Range believe that people should be fully informed when purchasing their first firearm and then professionally trained on its safe use and storage. We developed our Try, Buy & Train* program specifically for novice and first time buyers. In these uncertain times, we have seen record numbers of people running out to their local gun store and buying whatever they have in stock or whatever the salesman tells them. Our approach is radically different. Come in and meet with one of our NRA Certified Instructors to discuss your needs and your level of firearms experience. With that information in mind, you can try any of our over 100 rental firearms to find the one(s) that suits you best (we keep new and used duplicates of most of our rental guns in stock for your purchase).

Once you have completed your purchase, your NRA Certified Instructor will take you back out to range and teach you how to safely load, unload, clear, operate, and store your new gun. The rental experience and training is FREE OF CHARGE with the purchase of a new or used firearm (included training is 30 minutes. Additional training available at $35.00 per half hour). If you do not wish to purchase a firearm at the time of your visit, you simply pay for the guns you shot at our Rental Gallery Price List. So you either leave with a new gun that you know how to safely use or you just had fun shooting a bunch of our guns – either way you can’t lose!