Can I bring my own guns?

Yes, you can bring your own firearms to shoot, subject to restrictions. See Private Range Rules on our website for a complete list of acceptable firearms and ammunition, as well as those that are prohibited.

Do I have to be a member to bring my own guns?

Yes.  And we make becoming a member here fast and easy.  We offer Day Pass packages, as well as various levels of Annual Memberships for both individuals and families.  See a member of our store staff or visit Memberships on our website for complete details and prices.

Do I need to bring my gun license or firearm purchase paperwork to shoot my own? Do I need a hunting license or gun permit?

No. We do not require proof of firearm ownership.  Any personal pistols, however, would need an adult 21 years or older to be used on the range.

What do I need to know when bringing my own guns?

All firearms must be secured in a holster, gun case, box, or gun sock. Customers entering the store with uncased or unholstered firearms will be required to purchase a gun sock or case or will be asked to return the firearm(s) to their vehicle.  Waistband carry without a proper holster is strictly prohibited.   Once inside the store, do NOT unholster or uncase your firearm(s).  The first time you shoot here, you will be required to attend a Safety Briefing detailing our Private Range Rules and outlining the do’s and don’ts of shooting here.  You will be expected to be able to safely load, unload and clear your firearm(s) and you must possess basic shooting skills on your firearm(s) or you will not be permitted to shoot.  The Rangemaster or RSO will make the final determination.  Private Instruction is generally available for inexperienced shooters.

What kind of ammo can I bring?

When using our firearms, you must use our ammunition.  If you are using your own firearms on our private range, then you may bring your own ammunition so long as it is factory new.  We do not accept hand loaded, reloaded or loose ammunition.  We also cannot accept tracers, incendiary rounds, green tip, armor piercing or steel core ammunition.  If you are shooting clays with us, please make sure your shells are target load, 7 ½ shot or smaller.  For a complete list of Private Range Rules, go to our website.

Can someone teach me how to use my gun?

Yes.  We have private instruction, as well as group training classes and certification.  Ask a member of our store staff for private instruction availability or a list of upcoming training classes or click the Training tab on our website.


Can I reserve a shooting lane ahead of time?

Only Members may reserve shooting lanes. We cannot reserve lanes for non-members or guests of members. Each member may reserve only one lane, however, if space is available, we are happy to issue separate lanes at the time of check in. Lane reservations will be held for 15 minutes but the hour time limit (if applicable) will begin at the time of the reservation. If the reservation is not filled within that time frame, it will be released. Reserving specific lanes or adjacent lanes is a request we will accommodate when possible – however it is not guaranteed. Reservations are subject to availability based on membership level and are on a first come first serve basis.  We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes prior to your reserved time.  Online reservations are available at  Make sure to have your membership number available when booking your lane reservation.

Do I need to book more than 1 hour?

If you are making a reservation for the Private Member Range, you can book additional time that you plan to use.  If you book more than one hour but do not use the additional time, you will still be required to pay for it.

Something came up. I can’t make my appointment. Is there any penalty?

We ask that our members be considerate of our lane time.  If, for some reason, you cannot make it for your scheduled appointment, please cancel the appointment online as early as you can.  While we do not charge a penalty for “no shows” or late cancellations (within 72 hours), members will lose their online reservation privilege after 3 such events.

Do you offer Private Instruction or Training Classes?

Yes.  We offer both.  Private Instruction can be purchased in half hour increments at the time of your visit (based on Instructor availability) or you can schedule one on one instruction in advance, based on your needs and specific firearms.  We also offer formal Instructor-led classroom training on the many aspects of firearms and firearms safety.  Our curriculum includes NRA and USCCA certificate and non-certificate courses.  For a complete list of current classes, or to sign up, click the Training tab on our website.

Do you offer gunsmithing?

No, not at this time. We do not repair or clean firearms.

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