VIP Experience

If you’re looking for the ultimate firearms adventure, our VIP Experience is definitely what you’re looking for! Turn that special occasion or just a day out with friends and loved ones into something memorable.

All VIP Experiences include your choice of a special selection of firearms not available anywhere else in the area. Packages start at $119 per person. Your adventure begins when you meet your group’s personal high-energy Instructors who will guide and entertain you. Their number one goal is your safety but following closely behind is FUN. In our dedicated, semi-private heated bays, you’ll have access to legends like the Thompson M1 Submachine gun, full auto AK-47, full auto M4, and the 50 caliber Desert Eagle, to name a few. And no day at the range would be complete without shooting our Barrett M99 50 caliber sniper rifle or one of our 37mm grenade launchers!

So, forget waiting in line, email us at for additional information and to book your VIP Experience now!

NOTE: Package prices are per person. You must purchase a package for each person at your party.

All VIP Packages Include*: Guaranteed Appointment Time, Certified Instructor(s), Premium Eye & Ear Protection Rental, Complimentary Soft Drinks & Bottled Water with Additional Attractions Based on your VIP Package Selection.


Includes 3 Machine Guns, 4 Pistols, 4 Rifles, 3 Specialty Firearms & Trap Shooting with Ammunition & Sunset Hill Shooting Range Branded T-Shirt to Commemorate the Experience!


Disclaimer: Limited time offer. While supplies last information is subject to change.

DEFCON 1 (AGE 18+)

Includes 1 Machine Gun, 4 Pistols, 3 Rifles, 1 Specialty Firearm & Trap Shooting.

DEFCON 2 (AGE 18+)

Includes 1 Machine Gun, 2 Pistols, 2 Rifles, 1 Specialty Firearm & Trap Shooting.

DEFCON 3 (AGE 18+)

Includes 1 Machine Gun, 1 Pistol, 1 Rifle, 1 Specialty Firearm & Trap Shooting.

DEFCON 5 (AGE 18+)

Includes 1 Pistol, 1 Rifle, 1 Specialty Firearm & Trap Shooting.


Includes 1 Pistol, 1 Rifle, 1 Specialty Firearm & Trap Shooting. Must be accompanied by an adult age 21+.


Includes 2 Rifles, 1 Specialty Firearm & Trap Shooting Ages13-15 Must be accompanied by an adult age 21+.


Non-shooting participant.

* Two (2) Person Minimum. Deposit Required. You are welcome to upgrade to a higher Defcon Level during the check-in process. Once you are on the range with your Certified Instructor, you can add more firearms and rounds at individual pricing, but you cannot upgrade your package.

Here’s what some of our customers have been saying…

Celebrated a bachelor party with a VIP experience for 9 guys and it was the highlight of our weekend. Loki, Devil Dog, Tiny, and Oreo were super knowledgeable about the firearms, shared their own military experiences and had the perfect personalities to match our bachelor party. Thank you, guys, from Long Island, we’ll be back. Ride that lightning, make Thor happy. Send it!

David B.

Spent the day with 2 friends and 3 of the most amazing instructors during our VIP experience. Tiny, Oreo, and Devil Dog were great – their knowledge of the firearms and their personal experiences on and off the range are second to none! Coming from NY the drive in wasn’t too bad and the check in process was seamless. Most importantly, from the very second you step foot in the door, you know safety is at the forefront of this operation. The VIP experience was worth every penny – the private bays, the individualized attention of the instructors, and the access to some special items was a plus.

Nick S.

Had an amazing time there. They have something for everyone, lots of great choices to rent and shoot. Fair prices too. The VIP package was a great deal. Roger and Oreo were knowledgeable and awesome instructors who made sure everyone in my party had a great time. They made my first time shooting easy, fun, and informative.

Geoff G.