Gun Safety Starts at Sunset Hill Shooting Range!

Proper gun use and safety is in your hands that’s why WE continue to expand OUR range and store to include more Training Classes, Private Instruction & TRY, BUY & TRAIN™️ – The Safest Way to Buy a Firearm.



The Safest Way to Buy a Firearm
Designed for novice & 1st time buyers. Your Certified Instructor will help assess your needs and level of experience then assist you with shooting up to 3 guns from our rental gallery to find the one that suits your needs before you buy it. After your purchase, it’s back out to the range for your 30-minute training that includes instruction on how to safely load, unload, clear, and store your new firearm.


Gun Safety and Skills from Beginner to Advanced
Signup for our classes and learn the fundamentals and skills you’ll need to safely use a firearm to defend yourself and those you love.


One-on-One Personalized Lessons
Whether its your gun or ours, private training provides individualized lessons custom tailored to your needs that helps you better understand and maneuver a firearm.