Private Range

Pricing & Information

You are welcome to use your own firearms at Sunset Hill Shooting Range. In order to be allowed on the range, you must be a member or purchase a Day Pass (see Day Pass below), and complete a Safety Briefing for the type of firearm you will be shooting. Safety Briefings are valid for 6 months from your last visit.

In addition, you must be able to safely load, unload, and car your firearm or you will not be allowed to shoot. You also must possess basic shooting skills on your firearm(s) of choice. The Rangemaster or Range Safety Officer will make the final determination.

In the event that you are denied access to the Member Range, you are free to take advantage of our Rental Gallery where you will be assigned an instructor. Instructors are also available for private instruction with advance reservation or based on instructor availability.



  • US Passport
  • US State Driver’s License
  • US Work Visa
  • US Military ID
  • Foreign Passport
  • Foreign Driver’s License


  • 8 years & older: Air Guns only.
  • 13 to 16:  Rifles and Shotguns only. No Handguns.  Parent or Guardian over 21 years old required.
  • 17 to 20:  Rifles, Shotguns and Handguns. Parent or Guardian over 21 years old required for Handguns.
  • Over 21:  Rifles, Shotguns and Handguns. No Parent or Guardian necessary.
Note: Expired ID’s or photos, copies, images, texts, email, etc. are NOT acceptable.

DAY PASS $49.00

One Day Pass includes:
  • Access to the Range, including Trap, for one person for one day;
  • Lane rental for up to one hour. Additional lane time @ $15.00 per hour, based on availability;
  • Safety Briefing which includes review of basic firearms safety, proper gun handling, and range rules. (Safety Briefings required for each type of firearm used – Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun. Safety Briefings by type of firearm used are not required for subsequent visits within 6 months of last visit. Average briefing lasts 10 to 15 minutes);
  • Choice of rifle or pistol lane, based on availability;
  • Pistol lanes include first paper target FREE;
  • Loaner Eye and Ear Protection provided FREE;
Note: If you are denied access to the Member Range or decide you do not want to shoot, you will still be assessed the Safety Briefing Fee, along with charges for Safety Gear, targets, etc. (if applicable).