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What is the Rental Gallery?

Our Rental Gallery is the most unique feature of Sunset Hill Shooting Range. We have over 100 firearms including small caliber pistols, all the way up to our Barrett 98B Sniper Rifle. We also offer trap shooting, full auto machine guns and a 37mm grenade launcher. All are on display throughout our 36 lane Rental Gallery for you to see and shoot. (And we’re always adding new guns to the lineup!). Next, we provide you and your group with your own personal Certified Instructor. Your Instructor acts as your tour guide and personal Safety Officer as you explore the many different options.

Can I come by myself and shoot on the rental gallery?

No. Our rental range rules require all renters to be accompanied by at least one additional shooter/companion.

How much does the Rental Gallery cost?

The cost of our Rental gallery is based on which firearms (and how many) you choose to shoot. We do not charge you lane fees. We do not charge you to rent the guns. We do not charge you for your Certified Instructor. You simply pay for the bullets that you shoot – priced by the magazine. Number of rounds per magazine varies based on caliber and firearm. The Rental Gallery Price List is available on our website.

Do I need to book more than 1 hour?

If you are making a reservation for our Rental Gallery, you do not need to book for more than one hour, regardless of the size of your group. Once you are on the Range with your Certified Instructor, you can shoot as long as you want, up to closing.